Manage members, fundraising and payments online

Transcript helps organisations like yours save time. We’ve replaced paper forms with online registration forms that even a luddite like me can build. We just pick from a list of pre-set questions by ticking the boxes or we can create our own. To get everything in order, give them a shuffle voila – job done.

We can embed the online registration form in to our existing website through a simple hyper-link so now new members can register and pay online. Alternatively, you can vet each member as they join and once they’ve got the all clear, pop them in to their subscription group, check the details and the email and request payment.

In the emailed request for payment is their username, password and link to a secure login area where members can update their info and pay online. Money is transferred to your organisations PayPal account and reconciled against the members name.

Of course, paying online is not for everyone, so the system allows you to record offline payments like cash, cheques, direct debits, standing orders and so on.

You can view reports on who’s fully paid, part paid and not paid and see who’s overdue so you can give them a nudge to get their hands in their pockets.

But remember, the more people that pay online, the less work for the like of you and me in reconciling payments manually.

So if you want to save time processing registrations and managing payments, register with and set-up your new online registration forms today!